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  • Lotion dispenser

    Ever Rich Fountain is a professional manufacturer & supplier of bottle dispensers for lotion. The selections of lotion dispensers cater to different designs of bottles.

  • Airless Dispensers
    Airless Dispensers

    Airless bottle dispensers are perfect packaging for skin care products such as gel, lotion, serum, cream and cleanser.

  • Sprayer Dispenser

    Sprayer pump available 20/410,24/415,24/415. Out put  0.16CC & 230mcl. PP insert leads a better chemical resistance.  Suit for skin care , insect repellent, camphor esstentil oil,  

  • Teat dropper and Push Button dropper

    Our cosmetics dropper  are available in many colors: white, shiny silver, shiny gold, matt silver and matt gold.