Bottles Dispenser, Airless Dispensers


Product Name: Airless Pump Dispenser
Features: MAP1~MAP4
MAP1~MAP4 : NECK SIZE 18/415
Coordinating items
: Violet series, Diamond series, Ruby sereis, mini Vanilla series, mini Carnation series, mini Jasmine series.
 AP1~AP9, SP
AP1 ~AP11 SP : NECK SIZE 20/410
Airless Pump  Dispenser can coordinating with :
Vanilla series, Carnation sereis, Jasmine series, Sunflower series, Lily series, Wattle sereis, Oak sereis.
LAP1~LAP9 : NECK SIZE 24/410
Airless  Pump Dispenser are suitiable for :
King Vanilla series, Poppy sereis and Rose series use.

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