Plastic Dropper, Plastic Pipets, Plastic pipettes

Produc Name:
Specification :
Neck Size:13/415
  Item:OD13/415-01 Item:OD13/415-02    
Specification :
Neck Size :15/415
  Item:CD15/415-01 Item:CD15/415-02 Item:CD15/415-03 Item:CD15/415-04
 Specification : Neck Size:18/415
  Item:CD18/415-01 Item:CD18/415-02 Item:CD18/415-03 Item:CD18/415-04
  Item:OD18/415-01 Item:OD18/415-02    
  Specification : Neck Size :20/400   
  Item:OD20/400-01 Item:OD20/400-02    
  Specification : Neck Size :20/410   
  Item:CD20/410-01 Item:CD20/410-02 Item:CD20/410-03 Item:CD20/410-04
  Item:OD20/410-01 Item:OD20/410-02    
 Specification : Neck Size :24/410   
  Item:CD24/410-01 Item:CD24/410-02 Item:CD24/410-03 Item:CD24/410-04
  Item:OD24/410-01 Item:OD24/410-02    

Other Description:

**Pipette are available in many colors: white, shiny silver, shiny gold, matt silver and matt gold. 

**suction head. Rubbor & Silcon. For formula contains essential oil,acid please advise us to choose different material head.

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