La Pure Bi - injection Siphon Dispenser Cream Jar

Product Feature
1. Dispensing system, keep content clean.
2. Instead of using hand or spatula,keep away from content contact . No. germs problem.
3. Scraping Disc design instead of dip tube , to clean content from the jar body to avoid content remain.


Eco Friendly


1. Short injection cycle time, reduce energy used.
2. Bi-injection, no extra spray coating for custom color, avoid pollution and able to recycle 100.
Product Specification
DT-30 DT-50  
DJ-30 DJ-50 


Capacity Capacity 30ml 50ml
Height Height 50mm 59mm
Diameter Diameter 75mm 79mm
Material Material SAN SAN


One machine ~ 2 shot injection, Combines 2 different colors.

Lead same affect as color spray coating , but save production time and cost.