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ERF, the Taiwanese firm otherwise known as the Ever Rich Fountain Enterprise Company, has released the Dandelion series, a range of miniature size airless bottles.

Available in a scope of capacities from 6ml to 15ml, the new Dandelion series is ideal for product testers, handy travel sized packs or promotional giveaways. They can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag and their petite lightweight frame means that the international traveller can include the bottles within their hand luggage.

Combining a metal-free fluid pathway with an airless pump, the formula can be maintained fresh and pure without contamination from oxidation or corruption as the vacuum system of Dandelion preserves the ingredients and ensures an almost 100% product evacuation.

Made from PP, the plastic bottles are comprised not only of an environmentally friendly material, but one which also has excellent chemical resistance making the range of small airless bottles an optimal choice for lines of luxury products targeted towards the "green conscious" affluent consumer market.

The Dandelion series of miniature bottles are fully shippable and available in 6/7ml, 8/9ml, 10/11ml and 15/16ml volumes, in addition, the series can be custom coloured or decorated through UV varnishing.

Product specifications:

Ref no. M6-DA M8-DA M10-DA M15-DA
Capacity (ml) 6/7 8/9 10/11 15/16
Height (mm) 86 95 105 129
Diameter (mm) 19 19 19 19
Output 120mcl 120mcl 120mcl 120mcl
Material PP PP PP PP
Printable range (mm) 56 x 43 56 x 53 56 x 63 56 x 87