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What Is PCR?

Post-consumer resin, or PCR, is the technical term for recycled plastic. PCR presents a new opportunity for companies looking for a more sustainable packaging option to offer their environmentally-conscious customer base.

Essentially, spent plastic waste collected at local recycling centers is sorted, sterilized and repurposed into new packaging options specific to your unique needs.

Percentage of PCR

Because PCR is never completely free of inclusions (visual imperfections), we strongly recommend that customers using PP PCR choose dark colors (amber, dark green, cobalt blue, etc.) or opaque colors instead of light transparent colors.

We suggest using under 30% post-consumer PP . We also recommend that our customers conduct their own compatibility tests with PCR bottles prior to packaging their products in bottles with any level of PCR.

What are the drawbacks of PCR?

Because post-consumer PP comes from a wide variety of collection points, and these collection points typically collect a wide variety of PP bottles, even the most rigorous processing and pelletizing can not eliminate all particulates. The most common complaints about PP PCR are occasional black flecks in the finished bottles. PP PCR is generally a little grey than virgin resin.

All forms of PP resin are also subject to some normal color variations from batch to batch, so customers must be willing to accept a slightly wider variation in the color of their finished package. And color variation of different orders.