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Product Description
1. Airless dispenser with clear bottle is a perfect packaging for skin care products such as gel, lotion,
serum, cream and cleanser etc.
2. Vacuum system storage can avoid contents being oxidized, and preserve ingredients in find condition.
3. PET plastic bottle has excellent transparency, good chemical resistance and fitting for wider range of products.
4. Airless dispenser system is fully shippable and almost 100% evacuation of product.
Product Feature
1. To create a unique image by your own, various caps and dispensers can be chosen below.
2. We could make your ideas come true by custom color and two-process work like UV varnishing, lacquering, metallizing, silk printing and hot stamping, etc.
Product Specification


Capacity Capacity 30 ml 50 ml 30 ml 40 ml / 50 ml
Height Hegith 120 mm 153 mm 124 mm 157 mm
Diameter Diameter 32 mm 32 mm 32 mm 32 mm
Output Output 230mcl 230mcl 230mcl 230 mcl
Material Material PET PET PET PET

Caps and dispensing pumps

Keep Product Pure: Metal-Free fluid pathway available 
There are 3 types of PP actuators for your options Available: Actuator 1~3