Bi-Injection Cream Jar | SJ-B Duo Chamber Jar
Square cream jar.
Bi-Injection color makes the same effect as color spray coating.
The duo chamber allows 2 formulas in one jar.
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  • Cap: Injection color, color spray coating.
  • Jar: Injection color, color spray coating.

  • Bi-Injection molding technology that produces an assembled double-wall jar.
  • Injection custom color on the inner layer, transparent outer layer as you wish.
  • Short cycle time with faster production time. No extra second decoration is required for making custom colors.
Spec. Item SJ30-B SJ50-B
Capacity 30 ml 50ml
Height 47.5mm 54.5mm
Diameter 63.5mm 69.5mm
Material Jar : PMMA


SJ-30+PC53/400 cap
SJ-50+PC58/400 cap

SJ-30+MC53/400 cap
SJ-50+MC58/400 cap

SJ-30+RJ30 cap
SJ-50+RJ50 cap

SJ-50+LJ cap

Bottle style

Dual Camber