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Understand plastic material recycling identification codes

Recycling mark identification code

What can and cannot be recycled in life? The simplest way is to check the recycling mark to see if there is a "recycling mark" on the item or container. As long as it is a waste container marked with a recycling mark, it can be recycled.

In addition to recycling signs, you can also see number signs on plastic containers with three circular arrows surrounded by Arabic numerals 1 to 7. This means that plastic containers can be divided into 7 different types of materials. Each material can hold different things. This classification is an internationally accepted plastic classification and recycling symbol.

Recover Logo identification code
PET bottle
HDPE, LDPE bottles
PVC bottle
PP bottles and jars
PS cup
PLA cup

Article source: New Taipei i Environmental Protection Campaign to Save the Earth - Recycling Mark Identification Code