What is the MOQ?
Depens on items and products.
What airless bottle suit for?
Suitable for viscous and sensitive formula without granules. Such as gels, cream, emulsions and lotions.
Inapplicable for water or oil content.
What color we can make for caps, pumps and bottles?
We can make it custom color referring to the color sample you provide or Pantone no.
Could you send me samples?
Yes we can
What content can not pump out?
1. Filling height must reach to the position of the bottle shoulder, and immerse end of the pump body.
2. Inapplicable for water or oil content.
Awareness notice: plastic containers should be recycled
The use of plastic packaging materials is closely related to the lifestyle of modern industrial and commercial society. Due to the rapid growth of the population and its concentration in cities, it has become very important to use lightweight packaging to facilitate the storage and transportation of items and increase the shelf life of items.
Plastic packaging materials can just meet these needs. Due to the low density of plastic, the weight is much lighter than metal or glass, making it easier to process or use. Plastic has strong toughness and is not as easily broken as glass, unlike cans that are easily dented when under pressure, and unlike paper that is easily torn, so it has become a commonly used packaging method for many modern commodities.
Plastic is a polymer material made from the polymerization of many so-called "monomers". Each has its own special properties due to its different structure. There are many types of plastics commonly used in food packaging containers, including polyethylene (PE), polyethylene (PE), Propylene (polypropylene, PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), etc., all have different properties.
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) was originally used as a raw material for textiles. It has only been widely used in plastic containers across borders in the past two decades.
Understand plastic material recycling identification codes

Recycling mark identification code

What can and cannot be recycled in life? The simplest way is to check the recycling mark to see if there is a "recycling mark" on the item or container. As long as it is a waste container marked with a recycling mark, it can be recycled.

In addition to recycling signs, you can also see number signs on plastic containers with three circular arrows surrounded by Arabic numerals 1 to 7. This means that plastic containers can be divided into 7 different types of materials. Each material can hold different things. This classification is an internationally accepted plastic classification and recycling symbol.

Recover Logo identification code
PET bottle
HDPE, LDPE bottles
PVC bottle
PP bottles and jars
PS cup
PLA cup

Article source: New Taipei i Environmental Protection Campaign to Save the Earth - Recycling Mark Identification Code

What the benefit of our Airless Bottle
We  developed  Air-tight plug to replace the gasket to  insure the tightness of dispenser .